Bournemouth University

We were very excited to be asked by Bournemouth University to create a large mural in the heart of their campus.

The brief was to create a piece that promoted the Uni and highlighted some of the key successes they have had over the years. These included: the Uni’s ground breaking research into face-recognition; a journalistic website that looks at the aftermath of the Nepalese earthquake; their students involvement with the multi-oscar winning film Gravity using special effects; and the new material that coats slipways, helping to reduce wear and saving the RNLI thousands of pounds every year.

The design we created featured eye catching and intriguing images that relate to these highlighted projects. We also were able to push the boundaries of graffiti art and include a Zap code that enabled viewers to scan the code with their smart phone and find out the full story behind each image.

This added level of information works perfectly for the University by allowing the viewer to delve deeper into the subjects and also emphasising the digital focus that the Uni and Bournemouth has as a whole.

Explanations of each image can be found by scanning the Zap codes with your smartphone.