We have been lucky enough to collaborate on a number of projects over the years with the extremely talented DJ Format. And as fans of his, and U.S. old skooler Phill Most Chill, we were very excited to hear they had collaborated on a new album.

To help promote the album they asked Paintshop to pick up where we left off, with the animated graffiti promo we created for Format’s last album (featured below), and take it a step further with a new promo film to help launch the new album – The Foremost.

Working with a ‘sampler’ track Format produced, mixing together 6 tracks from the album, we created an ambitious concept using a mix of spray-painted graffiti artworks, live action film, animation and a little after effects wizardry.

The film features different spray-painted scenes, characters and production techniques for each track in the sampler mix, each highlighting the lyrics, song themes and moods. All artwork was painted on walls in various locations around London, with animation created by repainting key parts of the artwork, filming each stage and then compiling in the edit.

The film works perfectly with the style of the album, continuing the old skool and authentic feel but with a twist that keeps it fresh and up-to-date. It helped create a huge amount of excitement, anticipation and momentum for the launch of the album from both fans and new audiences.

Conceived and directed in partnership with Jeff Metal.
Filmed and edited by Jeff, with help from Amelia Cullern on After Effects.


Promotional film for DJ Format & Phill Most Chill using a mix of animation & film techniques.

This was the first promotional film we worked on with DJ Format for his album Statement of Intent.

Its uses a mix of time-lapse, animation and film footage to give a totally unique creative, yet low-fi feel that worked brilliantly for this release.


Animated promotional film for DJ Format’s Statement of Intent album.