Fairphone is an amazing Dutch phone company that aims to be ‘fair’ through its production and manufacturing of its phone products, creating a positive impact on the environment and people.

Their latest phone is designed to be opened, allowing the owner to easily remove and replace modules such as batteries, cameras, speakers and microphones. All the elements that can go wrong on a normal phone and would normally mark the end of the phone life. With Fairphone you can extend the life of the phone by replacing and updating these modules.

We worked with leading product design company, SeymourPowell, to create the internal graphics that show which modules can be removed and what they do. This was a small but yet significant part of the overall design as distilling down the key information in a clear and graphic way so that consumers can easily ‘open’ the phone and exchange modules is a big factor in making this concept so special.

The product design for the phone won the ultimate in design industry acknowledgement with the highly coveted D&AD pencil award in 2016 (the Oscar of the design industry).

Images show various stages of development for the internal graphics, signifying which modules are removable and what they do.