Get it Right…

Get it Right from a Genuine Site is a Government backed, national advertising campaign to increase awareness of the impact of online copyright infringement. By engaging with younger consumers via film, TV, music and art, the campaign highlights the value of creativity to promote the importance of legal sources of content.

Our mural was created as part of a series located in key cities throughout the UK – Liverpool, Cardiff, Birmingham, London and Bournemouth. Each feature a broad selection of the local creative talent to inspire and connect with the residents of the respective town.

As new residents to Bournemouth, Paintshop were extremely happy to be asked to be involved from the outset to develop our local mural – from the initial planning stages sourcing locations to researching local creativity and sporting talent.

We designed the piece in a style that reflected the town’s history as a victorian holiday destination but gave it a new modern twist which showed the area’s growing reputation as a digital and technology hotspot. The final selection of stories displayed included: Robert Luis Stevenson, who wrote Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde in Bournemouth; Oscar winning film, Gravity, which used a significant number of Bournemouth Uni. students to work on the special FX; Bournemouth football captain Tommy Elphick and World Champion Breakdance crew Second 2 None.

The mural has proven extremely popular with the locals across all age groups and backgrounds, acting a source of pride for the town.

Four story mural in Bournemouth highlighting local creative and sporting talent.