Liverpool FC

We were invited up to Melwood, Liverpool Football Club’s 5 star training facility for the launch of their 2013/14 kit.

To celebrate the kit launch we were asked to create portraits of three of their star players and to get them involved in the creation, helping to paint as well as signing the artworks. The final artworks then went up for auction to raise money for the player’s nominated charity.

Captain Steven Gerrard, Luis Suarez and Daniel Agger stepped forward to learn how to help paint and fill in their portraits. Other team members, Philippe Coutinho and Daniel Sturridge helped with a city scape image of Liverpool.

We had a fantastic day with hosts Warrior, ad agency Wolfpack, and of course the players. Interestingly, we discovered that although these guys could run the legs off us on a football pitch, when it comes to finger strength for operating spraycans, we were definitely in the first team! 🙂

Portraits of Liverpool FC players for 2013/14 kit launch (PR and Charity Auction)