London media company Merkle, have just moved into beautiful new offices in East London. The offices are designed with a lot of natural materials, plants and soft palettes, but they had a problem. Along one side of the office ran a very large glass window looking out onto a not very attractive brick wall and air conditioning units.

This is where we came in. We designed a mural using graphic shapes and foliage details to fit with their office style. But to make the most of the light from the windows and also to hide the ugly air conditioning units along half the wall, we created the mural using not just paint on the wall, but also a layer of translucent vinyl graphics applied to the window glass to blend seamlessly with the paint. Mixing the two media, paint and vinyl graphics, gave the design an extra level of depth and interest, while maximising the light and hiding the ugly areas. Overall, the design turned an awkward space into a design feature enhancing the offices.

Mixing spray-paint and vinyl graphics to turn an awkward area into a design feature. 

Photography by Tom Fallon.