Microsoft aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty! We have created artworks before for Microsoft offices, but this time they wanted to have a go!

The brief was to create 10 large pieces of art that referenced key behavioural touch-points, by involving Microsoft employees through a team building day. The end results would then be hung in the main HQ buildings to remind and inspire.

Each team was made up from a mix of all levels within Microsoft, managers to interns, and were tasked to work together to visually represent one of the key touch-points and paint the canvas with the guidance of a Paintshop artist.

Suitably kitted out and prepared they went to work to create an amazingly diverse range of paintings. This was a really fun day and it was very good to see how the teams worked together with everyone contributing equally and without the usual hierarchy you experience within an office environment.

Microsoft graffiti team-building exercise